Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Lot Of Valentine's Bling

For Kaylee and Abby's Sunday School classes and for the kids on the school bus I made these Valentine's Hershey Kiss rings. I bought some glittery pipe cleaners at the dollar store. And the Kisses were bundled up at the bulk foods store in bags for 99 cents and it was 20% off day. OK, sold! I wouldn't even want to guess the actual price of Hershey Kisses the week before Valentine's day so I lucked out there! Of course I was inspired by Pinterest and this is the post I followed for directions. These were my supplies: pipe cleaners, Kisses, and needle nosed pliers (you will thank me for this later).
Take 2 pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle so that they are perpendicular.
Then place your Kiss bottom side down right in the center of your pipecleaners. I also removed the paper that was sticking out above the Kiss. It really just gets in the way.
Bring two of the sides up and give them and twist and then do the same for the other two sides. Try to keep them as close to the top of the Kiss as you can or your ring will stick up really high.
Then set the Kiss upright on top of one of your fingers or your thumb, depending on how big you want your ring size to be.
Wrap one side of your pipecleaners around your thumb and then wrap the tails around the bottom of your ring.

Wrap the other tails around the bottom of your ring also. This is where the pliers come in. Use them to tuck the sharp ends of the pipe cleaners in so that they don't cut/poke any little fingers. You don't need pliers to do this but your thumbs will get very sore if you do a lot of them "manually".

And a couple of shots with my models of course!

And the completed bling rings project!
I chose not to use the almond Kisses because there are so many children with nut allergies out there but the gold wrapped Kisses would have also made great bling rings if you knew they were safe for the children you were giving them to. And one other note, I didn't change rooms while working on my project, the carpet is the same carpet in all the pictures, I have no idea why it shows up as several different colors depending on which picture I took. Too funny.
Happy Valentine's Day all!
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craftygranny said...

These are gorgeous . Thanks for sharing them. Your Chinese new year card won at Glitternsparkle could you contact me on Glitternsparklechallenge@yahoo.co.uk to claim your prize. Congratulations hugs Trisha x

Susan Hogan said...

Those little models are very cute as are the rings! How long until the chocolates were eaten?