Thursday, December 26, 2013

Abby is 4

Well it's happened, as it always does, my youngest is another year older. For her birthday party we had a Butterfly Birthday Party.
The invites were lollipop butterflies that I printed the info onto and cut out using my Silhouette. Each one included the kids names too but I left them off of these ones. Then added a lollipop, easy peasy!
Funny story, I shopped all year for butterflies knowing I would never find any in stores in December and wherever we put them when I brought them home in April we could not find them in December. So sure enough I was out shopping for butterflies on Dec. 16th. And I bought every butterfly the dollar stores had.
We have a real tree every year, love the smell, and decorated it with butterflies.
We made a butterfly mobile by wrapping the little girls' hula hoop with yellow crepe/streamer paper. Then we put a hook up in the middle of the ceiling and used 3 feather boas to hang it up. The little hanging butterflies were from the dollar store. This was my Kaylee's favorite decoration. She could not believe it was made from their hula hoop.
We had dress-up wings for all the kids. I had only bought wings for the girls but the boys all asked where theirs were, so I was able to round up some more. I don't know whether they just wanted to be a part of the theme or to be kind to Abby but they really got involved too.
We made chocolate cupcakes with white icing that we dyed pink, purple and blue.
The butterflies on top were made using wax melts or candy melts from the Bulk Barn. You put a handful of melts into a zip top plastic bag.
Place the bag into a bowl of hot water.
Once they've melted, you snip the tip off of the corner of one bag. Be ready to start right away as the melts will be runny. I printed off a sheet of butterflies that I wanted to outline. Then I cut a sheet of waxed paper about 8 1/2" x 11" and creased it down the middle. Then put your waxed paper over your printed page of butterflies and start tracing the butterflies with your icing. It helps to have a 2nd set of hands at this stage to hold your waxed paper flat. Also another tip I learned is to start at the top butterfly and work your way down or you could end up with icing on your sleeves :).
A sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock will support your waxed paper and your butterflies when you are done. You also need to crease it down the middle too. It is a good idea to tape your waxed paper to your cardstock at the edges so that your waxed paper doesn't roll up at the sides.


Into the freezer they go for at least 3 minutes. You'll need to prop up the sides with something, butter, ice cube trays, whatever else you have in the freezer. And you know they are done when they peel easily away from the waxed paper.
Then just place on the top of your iced cupcakes.

I used my Silhouette to make the 3D butterfly tube holder party favors. I put a tube of Lypsol (chapstick) into each. The little girls made the clothespin butterfly favors. They colored the clothespins and then filled a small plastic bag with gummy butterflies and treats. The clothespin clips in the middle of the plastic bag and a pipe cleaner makes some antennae.

Some dollar store plates, napkins and cups round out the table decorations.

Yay 4!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh !!! What a fabulous idea & theme for a bday !! I so love the melts idea - & the shape w/ the cupcake topper !! Great job !!! :))
I have done that before where you hide something so well, you never find it again -- lol !!! ;))
Hope she had a fab bday party!!!
Looks like a ton of fun!!
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Thanks for visiting me this week for the YNS blog hop!!

Ina G said...

What an awesome birthday party with so many beautiful butterflies. Love your Christmas tree. You did a magnificent job Barb. Those butterflies will show up out of the blue one day hehe. We all have our safe spots just most times we forget where they are.

Kate said...

And the Super Mom of the Year award goes to.... Barb!! Wow! The decorations look super (and how creative to use a hula hoop from which to hang the butterflies)! Super job with those cupcakes too! They look delicious - and I'm sure they tasted heavenly too!