Saturday, November 16, 2013

Crafty Places and Spaces

A little feature on our Crafting With Dragonflies blog has been to visit our Design Teams crafting rooms. In my case, rooms plural, is the correct description.
My kitchen houses the command center, lol. Actually it is my computer and Silhouette SD, which I use for EVERYTHING. My setup is quite clever really, we removed the bottom right cupboard and put in a sliding tray for my keyboard. My computer, monitor, and printer sit on top. My Silhouette is on a TV tray for easy connection to the computer.
My dining room has all my paper and tools storage and I use the dining room table for most of my cutting, gluing, crafting, etc. As you can see, another little desk has moved in there. The big window overlooks the river valley so we all like 'working' in there.
I am in the process of turning the former nursery into my craft room (that explains the Disney Babies on the wall). The Husband painted an old dresser that beautiful, bright, sunny yellow that will hold most of the papers and tools that are currently downstairs. I bought a computer armoire which will hold a laptop (if and when I get one) and my Silhouette. My sewing machine table is also in here now. The Husband also made a Murphy bed so that we can still use the room as a spare room for company but I can put it up and out of the way when I'm working in there.
You can see the pocket door in this photo. It goes into our bedroom and was very handy when this room was a nursery. The curtain covers a door out onto our second floor balcony. We painted the Disney Babies on the walls ourselves.
Just one funny story about my ribbon racks. I went to a garage sale where the lady was selling everything in her crafting room. She was moving to the UK and it was too expensive to ship much over there and she was moving into a small flat so she couldn't take much anyway. I don't know if you've seen the Ikea commercial where the woman looks at her receipt and runs through the parking lot shouting, "start the car" to her husband because she got such a good deal she felt like she stole it? That was me shopping in this lady's craft room. All the lovely racks filled with ribbon, embossing powders, containers full of brads...I felt bad for her having to sell her craft collection but I sure felt lucky I was in the right place at the right time.
There's a tour of my crafty spaces (and my house). I am blessed to have so many inspirational places and spaces to 'work'!
I've added a couple of cool pictures I took of our house this Fall just to give you an idea of why it is such an inspirational place to live :)


Ina G said...

Nice tour Barb. Lovely to see a little of where you live and craft - love the photo of outside -very picturesque. Maybe we need to all do that. Great job. Thanks.

Kate said...

Ohhh, how fun to have a little tour of your place. I felt like I was over for a visit with a friend! And what a view!! It's nice to see it from the outside looking toward the house.

Whenever I take advantage of a good deal, I call out "Start the car!" too!!