Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sponge Bombs

These are so awesome. Of course I found them on Pinterest. And when I found out my nephew was having a water fight down at my parents farm for his 7th birthday party, I knew I had to make these as his present.
I got all of my supplies at a dollar store (where everything is $1.25 now): Carwash style sponges, J cloths and zip ties. You can use several other styles of sponges too and I did, but I liked these ones the best.
Start by cutting your car wash sponges into 1/3rds.
Cut a J cloth into strips the same length and width as your sponges.
Get your zip tie handy. Then start to gather your sponges and cloths, pinching them together as you go. This will give you an idea of how they will look when tied together.
Tie around the middle with a zip tie. Tighten as tight as it will go. Don't go too tightly though or it is possible to rip your sponges.
Snip the zip tie close to the center. Then flouf. Just move the pieces around to fill any gaps.
We bought a plastic tub with handles at Wal-Mart. Filled it with Sponge Bombs and then your tub can be filled with water for your water fight.
Total cost per bomb: 1.46
Zip Tie - .04
Sponges - 1.25
J Cloth (1 cloth will make at least 2 bombs) - .17
Tub $5 at Wal-Mart
They did not all survive the fight though. 7 year-old boys are not known for 'gently' water fighting and our Border Collie kept trying to 'fetch' them too. But there were still some intact at the end of the battle.
These would be great for any summer family gathering!

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Suzie's Card Den said...

These sound fantastic fun, I wish we had the weather in the UK to go with it.
Great idea.
Suzie xx