Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love how this turned out! And I didn't have to download anything! I used the square, circle, and exclamation point (without the point) as the spinner. I colored in each of the circles using the fill color window on my Silhouette. I just made half a circle and the used the mirror image button to make the other half. I added the text and then I sent it to my printer. I just cut out the square myself. I could have used the print and cut function, but it was a square, figured it was just as easy to cut it out myself. I added a brad to the spinner and used pop dots to attach it to my board, since I didn't actually need it to spin. I used Frances Meyer hands and feet stickers for the hands and feet and voila! My square is 6" x 6" and the circles are 1" circles. It's for a layout of my nieces playing......you guessed it, Twister!

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Debbie said...

Love this one! How cute!